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Alton Towers

Holiday cottage near Alton Towers!

A note on 2017 Alton Towers season:

We are less than 3 miles from the entrance to Alton Towers theme park - the entrance is in our next door village of Farley.  If I had a fiver for the number of times I am asked how far we are from Alton Towers I'd have to declare it on my tax form.  To be exact Barks Holiday Cottage is 2.6 miles to Alton Towers.

And even better than that, at peak times by approaching from the Oakamoor direction you avoid those massive queues through Alton village and up the hill to the gates at Farley.
Check what I mean on Google maps - ST10 3DX (Barks Cottage) ST10 4DB (Alton Towers).

We offer a 3 night self-catering break for guests wishing to get the most from Alton Towers.

Here's an example of how a 3 nights at Barks helps you max your time at Alton Towers

Self-catering accommodation near Alton Towers

Travel via a supermarket in Ashbourne or Cheadle and pick up some goodies for your stay.  If you want to save money at Alton Towers take a picnic because food and drinks are expensive at the theme park.  By the way, I hope you'll book your Alton Towers tickets in advance, preferably making the most of any discounts and vouchers - we can advise on the latest if you email us on

Arrive 3pm at Barks Holiday Cottage

Settle in and cook yourselves something delicious, or call the Indian restaurant for a delivery.

Night 1

it's 2.6 miles to Alton Towers
Arrive at Alton Towers raring to go and first in line for your favourite rides. Spend all day having fun! Be sure to take advantage of the 2nd day pass offer.

Come back, relax in front of a DVD, get little kids into bed or send the older ones out to play, have a reviving power shower, a glass of something and rustle up something tasty to eat. You'll soon feel better! (Do these in whatever order suits you and your family!)

Night 2

Brace yourself for another day at Alton Towers and while you get that picnic packed let the kids kick a ball about on our playing field. Get to Alton Towers early because now you know your way around you'll want to beat the queues to as many of the big rides as possible.

nb If you can't face two whole days at Alton Towers there are plenty of other things to do in the area (see our Things to do near Alton Towers section), but this is the Alton Towers page with advice on how to max your time at the nation's favourite theme park.

relax after a fun packed day
Come back to the cottage, relax, enjoy a glass of something with a great meal in front of the TV/DVD maybe. Or maybe go out for a meal in a local pub or restaurant, we have plenty of recommendations in our Info Pack.

Night 3

Breakfast, tidy up and check out of Barks by 10.00am.

Spend the rest of the day at Alton Towers Waterpark!  I am not sure I could fill a whole day at the Waterpark despite how much I love it with the kids.  A few hours here will do, leaving you plenty of time to travel home with peaceful kids in the back.